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The Euroguidance network is a network of centers across Europe linking together the Careers Guidance systems in Europe.

Euroguidance promotes mobility, helping guidance counselors and individuals to better understand the opportunities available to European citizens throughout Europe.

Above all, Euroguidance creates opportunities for experts in the counseling field to meet and share their knowledge and experience. By organizing conferences, seminars, job shadowings, study visits, Euroguidance helps to spread examples of good practice.

Euroguidance also allows individuals to take advantage of the European network to discover the enormous learning opportunities throughout Europe. To find out more, visit Ploteus website.

Counseling and Immigration Services - Seminar Report

The Czech Euroguidance Center is now issuing a report from an international "Counseling and Immigration Services" seminar that took place in December 2007 in Prague. The electronic English version can be downloaded from HERE.

You can also order the printed version free of charge at


Title Name Family name Contact Role  
Mgr. KateřinaHašková
+420 221 850 704
Ing. JitkaMorčušová
+420 221 850 700
Mgr. MonikaMrňávková
PhDr. AliceMüllerová
+420 221 850 707
Study visits, Euroguidance    

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