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EEA and Norway Grants

EEA and Norway Grants


EEA and Norway Grants

In May 2004,three non-EU members of the EEA - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - established the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism
to support social and economic cohesion within the enlarged EEA.

In 2014 the first Call within the second phase of the Programme will be launched. The EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms (EEA and Norway Grants) aim to contribute to reducing socio-economic
differences in the European Economic Area and enhancing relations between the Czech Republic and Donor States.

The website of the programme has been redirected to

The present EEA/Norwegian FM 2009-2014 in the field of education builds upon the successful experience of the administration of the Financial Mechanism during the previous period. Achievements and challenges in the first phase of the Programme serve as an important source of knowledge and constitute a base for the thorough preparation of the second phase of the EEA/Norwegian FM.

Priority sectors for new phase are: 

  • Environmental protection and management 
  • Climate change and renewable energy 
  • Civil society 
  • Human and social development 
  • Protecting cultural heritage 
  • Carbon capture and storage 
  • Green industry innovation 
  • Research scholarship 
  • Human and social development 
  • Justice and home affairs
  • Promotion of decent work and tripartite dialogue

The Priority sector Research scholarship contains programme area called Scholarships which aims to create suitable conditions to establish international partnerships among
institutions and individuals acting in the field of education. The programme offers its applicants a possibility to cooperate on international projects and to carry on mobilities.



The first Call within the Bilateral Scholarship Programme was launched on February 17, 2014. More information is to be found here.


Do you represent an institution at primary, secondary or terciary level of education in Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland interested in cooperation within "Scholarship Programme" EEA and Norway Grants?

Please do not hesitate and make use of the newly introduced partner search database:

Two types of actions will be supported within the framework of the programme area Scholarships:

Mobility projects and placements and Institutional cooperation projects.

Contact point

Administrative agency in the Czech Republic - National Agency for European Educational Programmes

Contact point in Norway: The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)

As the Norwegian focal point, SIU offers information services and advice to the recipient countries with the goal of identifying possibilities for cooperation and mobility with Norwegian institutions of higher education. SIU also actively disseminates information about the funds to Norwegian institutions and organizations like The Research Council of Norway.

Previous phase of the Programme

The first phase of the Programme (2004-2009) was designed to provide financial assistance to the ten new European Union Member States, as well as Spain, Portugal and Greece and aimed at reducing social and economic inequality in the European Economic Area within designated priority sectors. One of the priority sectors was Human resource development. This sector included among others the Fund for Support of Cooperation among Schools/Scholarships. Its primary goal was to support international cooperation between educational institutions in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  An amount of 2,840,100 EUR has been set aside for the whole Fund, 90 % of which came from Financial Mechanisms funding and 10 % of which was provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Within the five years of the Programme functioning 278 student mobilities, 53 education staff mobilities and 41 institutional projects were supported.


Title Name Family name Contact Role  
PhDr. VeronikaHavlů,
+420 221 850 501
EEA/Norwegian FMP    
+420 221 850 511
EEA/Norwegian FMP    
Mgr. BarboraVeselá
+420 221 850 500
Head of the Department for Bilateral and Multilateral Programmes    

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