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Grundtvig programme

Grundtvig programme as a part of Lifelong learning programme addresses the teaching and learning needs of those in all forms of adult education, as well as the institutions and organisations providing or facilitating such education.


  • To improve the quality and accessibility of mobility of people involved in adult education and increase its volume
  • To improve the quality and to increase the volume of co-operation between organisations involved in adult education
  • To assist people from vulnerable social groups and in marginal social contexts, in particular older people and those who have left education without basic qualifications, in order to give them alternative opportunities to access adult education
  • To facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer
  • To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning
  • To improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organisations

Target groups

  • Learners in adult education
  • Institutions and organisations providing learning opportunities in adult education
  • Teachers and other staff within those institutions or organisations
  • Establishments involved in the initial or further training of adult education staff
  • Associations and representatives of those involved in adult education, including learners' and teachers' associations
  • Bodies providing guidance, counselling and information services relating to any aspect of adult education
  • Persons and bodies responsible for systems and policies concerning any aspect of adult education at local, regional and national level
  • Research centres and bodies concerned with adult education issues
  • Enterprises
  • Not-for-profit organisations, voluntary bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Higher education institutions


  • Mobility of individuals (educational courses, study visits, assistantships) focusing on the training and professional development of adult education staff, especially in synergy with partnerships and projects
  • Partnerships (‘Grundtvig Learning Partnership') focusing on themes of mutual interest to the participating organisations
  • Multilateral projects aimed at improving adult education systems through the development and transfer of innovation and good practice
  • Networks of experts and organisations (‘Grundtvig Networks') working in particular on: developing adult education in the discipline, subject area or management aspect to which they relate; identifying, improving and disseminating relevant good practice and innovation; providing content support to projects and partnerships set up by others and facilitating interactivity between such projects and partnerships; promoting the development of needs analysis and quality assurance within adult education.


  • Preparatory visits to enable a representative from an institution either to attend a contact seminar or a meeting with prospective partners
  • Other initiatives aimed at promoting the objectives of the Grundtvig Programme ('Accompanying Measures')


Multilateral projects and Networks belong to centralised activities that means the process of reception, registration, evaluation and selection of applications and allocation of financial grants is managed by The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels.

Mobility of individuals and Learning Partnership belong to decentralised activities that means the process of reception, registration, evaluation and selection of applications and allocation of financial grants is authorized to the appropriate National Agencies participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme.

More information

For more information in English please visit the website of the European Comission on

You can see also publication of good practice projects:

Grundtvig - Inspiration in Adult Education (2009)


Title Name Family name Contact Role  
Mgr. Petra EmílieKrňanská
+420 221 850 702
Grundtvig - Partnerships    
Mgr. OndřejPolišenský
+420 221 850 701
Grundtvig - mobilities    

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