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ERASMUS programme

ERASMUS is the European Community programme for higher education. ERASMUS is an integral part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) from the year 2007 to the year 2013 replacing Socrates/Erasmus (2000-2006).

The ERASMUS programme is targeted at higher education institutions and their students, teachers and other staff and also at enterprises and other representatives of working life. The ERASMUS programme encourages students and staff mobility throughout Europe and promotes multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe and between higher education institutions and enterprises.

Actions supported by the ERASMUS programme

Decentralised actions: 

Mobility of individuals, which may include:

  • Mobility of students for the purposes of studying or training in higher education institutions;
  • Mobility of students - placements in enterprises, training centres, research centres or other organisations;
  • Mobility of teaching staff in higher education institutions in order to teach in a partner higher education institution abroad;
  • Mobility of teaching and other staff in higher education institutions and staff of enterprises for purposes of training or teaching.

Organisation of mobility

Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) - specialized courses in the less widely known languages of the participating countries

Erasmus intensive programmes organised on a multilateral basis

Centralised actions:

Multilateral projects - focusing inter alia on innovation, experimentation and the exchange of good practice in the areas mentioned in the specific and operational objectives. 

Multilateral networks - run by consortia of higher education institutions and representing a discipline or a cross-disciplinary field (‘Erasmus Thematic Networks'), which aim to develop new learning concepts and competencies. Such networks may also include representatives from other public bodies of from enterprises or associations. 

Other initiatives - aimed at promoting the objectives of the Erasmus Programme (‘Accompanying Measures').

More information

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Title Name Family name Contact Role  
Mgr. BarboraHašková
+420 221 850 601
Erasmus - Programme manager    
Ing. OlgaHeclová
+420 221 850 605
Erasmus - Mobilities    
+420 221 850 613
Erasmus - Intensive programmes    
Ing. JanaPávková
+420 221 850 604
Erasmus - Mobilities    
PaedDr. RudolfŠindelář
+420 221 850 600
Bologna Experts    

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