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Comenius - European Cooperation on School Education

COMENIUS  focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary school, and it is addressed to all members of the education community in the broad sense – pupils, teachers, other education staff, but also local authorities, parents' associations, non-government organisations ...

COMENIUS supports school partnerships, individual mobility of teachers and student teachers, projects for the training of school education staff, and school education networks. It thus aims to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen its European dimension and promote language learning and mobility.

COMENIUS also emphasises certain important issues: learning in a multi-cultural framework, which is the cornerstone of European citizenship, support for disadvantaged groups, countering under-achievement at school and preventing exclusion.

Eligible countries

COMENIUS is open to participants from the following countries:

  • the twenty-seven Member States of the European Union: Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom;
  • the EFTA/EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway;
  • and Turkey.

Target public

  • Pupils in school education up to the end of upper secondary education
  • Schools, as specified by Member States
  • Teachers and other staff within those schools
  • Associations, not-for-profit organisations, NGOs and representatives of those involved in school education
  • Persons and bodies responsible for the organisation and delivery of education at local, regional and national levels
  • Research centres and bodies concerned with lifelong learning issues
  • Higher education institutions
  • Bodies providing guidance, counselling and information services

Types of activity

The following actions are supported by the Comenius Programme:

Mobility of individuals which may include:

  • Exchanges of pupils and staff
  • Mobilty to schools for pupils (aged of 12 as a minimum) and placements in schools or enterprises for educational staff
  • Participation in training courses for teachers and other educational staff
  • Study and preparatory visits for mobility, partnership, project or network activities
  • Assistantships for teachers and potential teachers

Development of partnerships between:

  • Schools, with a view to developing joint learning projects for pupils and their teachers ("Comenius school partnerships")
  • Organisations responsible for any aspect of school education, with a view to fostering inter-regional cooperation, including border region cooperation ("Comenius-Regio partnerships")

Multilateral projects aimed at:

  • Developing, promoting and disseminating educational best practices, including new teaching methods or materials
  • Developing or exchanging experience on systems of providing information or guidance particularly adapted to the learners, teachers and other staff concerned by the Comenius programme
  • Developing, promoting and disseminating new teacher training courses or course content

Multilateral Networks aimed at:

  • Developing education in the discipline or subject area in which they operate, for their own benefit and for that of education more widely
  • Acquiring and disseminating relevant good practice and innovation
  • Providing content support to projects and partnership set up by others
  • Promoting the development of needs analysis and its practical applications within school education

Other initiatives aimed at promoting the objectives of the Comenius Programme, including e-Twinning (‘Accompanying Measures’)

More information

For more information in English please visit following pages of the European Commission:


Title Name Family name Contact Role  
Mgr. Lukáš
+420 221 850 307
Comenius - Regio Partnerships, In-Service Training    
Mgr. Eva Kroutilová
maternity leave    
Mgr. DominikaMasopustová
+420 221 850 308
Comenius - In-Service Training, Host institutions    
Ing. PavlaNováková
+420 221 850 301
Comenius - School Partnerships    
Mgr. PavlaŠabatková
+420 221 850 300
Head of Comenius and eTwinning department    
PhDr. BarboraŠpronglová
+420 221 850 304
Comenius - Programme manager, Assistantships    
Bc. JanaVotrubová
+420 221 850 309
Comenius - Individual Pupil Mobility, School Partnerships    

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